Svane Bemanning

HSE – Health, environment and safety

At Svane Bemanning, we spend a lot of time on guidance in HSE for our employees.
The construction industry is complex and needs specialized knowledge. The industry is characterized by tough requirements for progress and finances. Contract chains are often long, and the scope of hiring and using subcontractors is large.

It is therefore our responsibility as an employer that the working environment is sound in all respects and complies with the regulations given in the Working Environment Act, with associated regulations.

We therefore offer various courses to our employees so that they can carry out their work in a safe and secure manner. This is i.a. courses in heating work, fall protection course, G-11, scaffolding course and personal lifting course.


Act of 17 June 2005 No. 62:
Act on working environment, working hours and job security, etc.

The purpose of the Working Environment Act

to ensure a working environment that provides a basis for a health-promoting and meaningful work situation, that provides full security against physical and psychological damage, and with a welfare standard that is at all times in line with the technological and social development in society,
to ensure safe employment conditions and equal treatment in working life,
to facilitate adjustments in the employment relationship related to the individual employee’s prerequisites and life situation,
to provide a basis for the employer and the employees in the companies themselves to take care of and develop their working environment in collaboration with the social partners and with the necessary guidance and control from public authorities,
to contribute to an inclusive working life
The employer must ensure that the provisions of the law are complied with.