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Cookie Policy / “Cookies”

Last updated: 23-08-2021

Svane Bemanning (“Swan”, “we” or “us”) is committed to giving you the best possible online experience when you visit the website (the “website”). To achieve this, the user uses our own and standard cookies (cookies) from third parties to obtain data about your online behavior while you are on our site, and track how often you visit the website. The information we collect is anonymous and does not identify you as a person unless you provide us with information through filling out and form or in other available ways on the website. Personal information collected by Svane follows guidelines described in the privacy statement available on the privacy statement.

What we track

We do not use intrusive cookies on the website to collect your personal information. We use third-party industry standards, such as Google Analytics, to track your online behavior and provide aggregate level-level statistical information in the following ways:

We track many visits to the website, where each visitor comes from (eg the website you visited before our website), and where each visitor goes to after being on the website (eg the website you visit after our website).
A cookie is linked to IP addresses and is not stored on an electronic device for longer than (2) years. Cookies are small text files that can be stored on electronic devices. This allows us to track you if you visit the website at a later time.
How to handle cookies (cookies).

Unless you have adjusted your browser settings to reject cookies, our systems will store cookies every time you visit the website.

In cookie settings, which you can access via this link Cookies, you can manage settings to allow or deny the storage of cookies by category.

Please note that you may use specific categories of cookies in order not to access certain parts of websites or use certain features.

You can choose not to accept cookies by activating this setting on your browser, which you can do to save cookies. This will remove all details from the cookie. If you select this setting, you may not be able to access certain parts of the website or may not use certain features.

Third party cookies

When visiting the website, you may come across content from third parties. We can also offer you opportunities to develop and further develop information about us and share information with others to use social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This content has been added so that we can keep you updated on useful information that may be relevant or interesting to you; however, this may result in third party providers storing additional cookies on the electronic device over which we have no control. We therefore suggest that you check the website of such third parties and their privacy statement, so that you get more information about their cookies and how you can manage them.

Cookies used on

The website may contain links to websites from third parties. If you go to a link belonging to the websites of any of these third parties, please note that these websites have their own privacy statements and guidelines for cookies, and we can not accept responsibility for or liability under these. Please check these guidelines before submitting personal information to these third-party websites.

Changes to these guidelines

The content of these guidelines may change from time to time. We may make any significant changes through appropriate channels, either on this website or by contacting you through other communication channels.


Feel free to submit questions, comments and inquiries regarding these guidelines and send them to