Svane Bemanning

Svane Bemanning AS is approved as a StartBANK supplier

StartBANK is a common supplier register and industry network for those who want to provide services for construction, administration, insurance and real estate in Norway.

The StartBANK network gives us as a staffing supplier opportunities to compete on equal terms, as well as contribute to the use of serious players in the market.

The approval will thus make our business more visible to relevant customer groups in the industry and provide great opportunities for winning new customers and contracts. This creates new business opportunities for us as a staffing company and that this can help reduce risk for our customers and partners.

StartBANK is managed by Achilles and is used by a number of purchasing organizations to manage supplier information and risk, as well as to ensure that they only use reputable suppliers. StartBANK was started on the basis of a pilot project “Seriousness in the construction industry” and was launched in 2005 in collaboration between the National Association of the Construction Industry (BNL), the Norwegian authorities and Achilles.

Achilles, which manages StartBANK, is a body that qualifies, evaluates and monitors suppliers so that buyers for some of the largest international companies can enter into long-term, mutually lucrative relationships with reliable and qualified suppliers worldwide.


Below you will find an overview of which staffing solutions we can deliver:


Formwork carpenters
Iron binders
Concrete workers
Scaffolding fitters
Plumbing Plumbers
Ventilation fitters
Construction managers
Project managers
Ground workers
Auxiliary workers
Dock workers


Sheet metal workers
Steel construction fitters
Industrial plumbers
Pipe welders
Industrial mechanics
Industrial painters
Industrial painters
CNC operators
Car mechanics
Car repairers
Ship electricians