Svane Bemanning

Svane Bemanning AS is a nationwide staffing company in Norway, which offers flexible and efficient consulting and staffing solutions, for shorter and longer assignments within construction, industrial and other technical disciplines.

We are mainly a company that hires out Nordic and foreign personnel dedicated to the customer’s needs and qualification requirements.

Svane Bemanning AS extends to the customer’s need for the right competence at the right time. We know the market well, and have extensive experience with staff selection. Furthermore, we have good cooperation with Polish recruitment agencies. We have several representatives in Poland with responsibility for checking / confirming all information about any candidates.

The administration in Svane Bemanning AS consists of both Norwegians and Polish employees, with broad experience in the construction industry. Good candidates are presented at your company, whether it is project employment, temporary positions or recruitment for permanent employment.

Svane Bemanning AS has professionally skilled employees who easily adapt to new assignments and colleagues in your company. They will be operational and productive in the workplace after a short time. Our staff has a versatile background in both industry and projects. We cover everything from project managers to daily operations and production.

By hiring from Svane Bemanning AS, you can achieve a rapid increase in skills in your company, without having to go through a long, demanding and expensive hiring process.