Svane Bemanning

Why choose us?

Svane Bemanning is a serious and professional partner (equal pay for equal work, holiday pay 10.2%, invoicing at the agreed time, etc.)
Svane Bemanning is a staffing company that offers flexible and efficient staffing solutions.
Svane Bemanning is a member of StartBank
Svane Bemanning has over 100 employees in Norway, an office in Poland, and cooperation with NAV EURES. This means that we have the resources to cover the staffing needs that your company may have.
Svane Bemanning has close follow-up with customers and employees throughout the rental period
The administration in Svane Bemanning has broad competence – this contributes greatly to simplifying the communication between the hiring company and employees and which makes the whole hiring process much easier.
Svane Bemanning extends to the customer’s need for the right competence at the right time.
We know the market well and have extensive experience with staff selection.
Good candidates are presented at your company, whether it is project employment, temporary positions or recruitment for permanent employment.
Svane Bemanning has professionally skilled employees who easily adapt to new assignments and colleagues in your company.
By hiring from Svane Bemanning, you can achieve a rapid increase in skills in your company, without having to go through a long, demanding and expensive hiring process.
Svane Bemanning has good references from major players.

We offer the capacity you need!